One of the many bowling logo shirts I have collected over the years of pursing my
avocation says, “Life is a game, bowling is serious”. Just how easy is it to relax
while living the kinds of stressful, on-the-go lives we live? Perhaps we should
begin to place some of our anxiety with the One who is Lord of all the universe and
all its circumstances. I have found that there is very little I can do by myself. So ever
since I found myself thinking about the Triangle of Mental Toughness and how it
could apply to my spiritual well being, I have tried to shift my concern for my earthly
circumstances and my anxiety to His strength and assurance.

We’ve gone through a very trying period of circumstances in our family recently that,
on the outside,  may not seem too problematic, but none the less, has had me
thinking about how much I am really trusting Him for the solutions. It is one of those
times when it seems the words, prayers, petitions or whatever term you wish to use
is just going up and bouncing right back. So how can I relax? How can I trust Him
more? How can I say, “It’s yours Lord, do with it as you please”, without adding, “but
do it now”?

I believe we are a very impatient people. The world in which we live breeds this
'quality' within us, from the moment we are born. To be able to relax is to come to
the realization that we have done everything we have the ability to do within
ourselves and to realize it isn’t enough. So we have to place our trust in Him for the
answers as well as receiving the assurance from Him that everything will “work
together for good” if indeed all our trust is in Him.

Then comes relaxation. The knowledge that he is in control.

Now there really isn’t a good comparison between the kind of relaxation I try to
achieve when I am bowling and the kind of relaxation that comes as a result of
placing my complete trust in Him.  I don’t want to tense up. I want to know that I
have practiced right, I am concentrating on my target, I am going to execute the way
I have practiced many many times and that I am confident that I will make the best
shot possible. This type of relaxation comes in the knowledge that I have done
everything I can do to throw the best possible shot to achieve my goal…knocking all
ten pins down. I believe we can achieve that same kind of relaxation once we are
willing to place our trust, anxiety, and care within His hands and allow Him to do as
He wills with it.  

Relax:  To make lax or loose;
   to make less close, firm, rigid,
             tense, or the like;
   to slacken; to loosen; to open;
             as, to relax a rope or cord;
   to relax the muscles or sinews.

    To make less severe or rigorous;
    to abate the stringency of;
    to remit in respect to
  strenuousness, earnestness, or
              effort; as, to relax discipline;
    to relax one's attention or
Principle Number Three
I Peter 5:7