There is a saying that has been around for many years; "Speed Kills". Brining this down to an everyday level
says to me that when we start moving through life too fast we lose our focus, we lose our center of
concentration and focus and we allow ourselves to become distracted from the spiritual things.

This is where all the other principles lead to. All the mental preparation, practicing, focusing and concentration
places us at the point of having what it takes to make the best possible shot when we step up on the
approach. This was perhaps that hardest of the principles for me to learn, and still is for me to make work. As
with any endeavor in life, if you are not prepared, you can't perform. But, even if you are prepared, you can
destroy all that preparation by moving ahead so rapidly that you get off balance. You get ahead of yourself trying
to make adjustments on the move, and most of the time that only adds to frustration and to undesired final

In bowling, as in life, attempting to make the shot before you are ready gets you off balance. You either get to
the point of delivery and the ball is still behind you, which results in the ball going to the right of the target. Or
you find the ball arriving at the point of delivery ahead of the rest of your body, and that results in the ball going
to the left of the target. In either case you miss the target and therefore miss the pocket. Missing the pocket
means, in a very, very high percentage of the shots, you don't achieve your goal, which is knocking down all ten

Once i learned that putting all these principles together and executing them in an unhurried, steady and
deliberate manner achieved the greatest level of desired results, my average climbed to heights I never
thought possible. I have never excelled in any sport before. I was always to short or to small or to
uncoordinated to participate. When I was growing up basketball was the sport in which I most wanted to
achieve success. But that was the time when being short was a curse if you wanted to play basketball. No one
expected you to be able to achieve in basketball if you were short. So basically I became an avid sports
spectator and enthusiast., watching and wishing I could achieve any success in any sport.

These principles have helped me achieve my goal. I am able to compete with most any above average bowler
on the local level. I doubt that I will ever become good enough to complete on the professional level, but if that
ever happens, then I will believe that success came from God because He wanted it ti happen, not through
anything i have done to make it happen.

I believe that if we deliberately execute the Principles of Mental and Spiritual Toughness we will achieve
success in God's sight. We will place ourselves in the right frame of mind to receive additional insights into
how we can allow Him to take us further in our spiritual lives. He will help us to live and execute our lives in the
best possible way. He will ehlp us to achieve our ultimate goal.
Principle Number Six
Execute Deliberately

Execute: To put into effect or
               To make according to a
               design or plan

Deliberately: Unhurried in motion
                       or matter.
                   Thought out in advance
                   Carefully considered
4:6, 9, 13