Super Bowl XXXIV was played a number of years ago between St. Louis and Tennessee. One team won and
one team lost. One team came up 1 yard short of a tying touchdown on the final play of the game. It must have
been very difficult to miss the ultimate goal in the National Football League by less than 36 inches.

The single goal of any athletic competition is to win. Exercising by playing a sport "just for the fun of it" is fine,
but for most of us gaining victory would be the final goal.

Paul knew what competition was all about. He competed for years to see how many Christians he could
persecute until he learned about the real goal from the ultimate Goal Maker. His goal(s) then changed, and
when writing Timothy, expressed his satisfaction in having reached that goal. He achieved victory over the
forces of evil, death, and destruction. I firmly believe that these principles can make a difference in your life if
you are having difficulty defeating the enemy competition.

I try to use these principles every time I enter into competition on the bowling lanes. They have helped me
achieve success where, before, all I experienced was frustration. They have helped me put into practice the
knowledge that, over the years, I have gained through practice and hard work.

I try to use the spiritual side of these principles every day in my daily life. A lot of the time I don't succeed as I
would like, but as in athletic competition, I keep trying. I am sure that as I move further in my life I will have more
and more success in applying these principles to my life. I must admit that the majority of time I am thinking
about the Triangle of Mental Toughness as it applies to my game. But each time i think of it in that way my
thoughts will always move toward the spiritual side and that helps me to grow closer to achieving the things
that really count.
Principle Number Seven

Win:   To be victorious in a
           To gain success through
           effort or struggle
           To obtain through effort
I Timothy 4:7-8