If we are indeed going to be mentally tough as well as spiritually tough we must prepare
for the battle whether it be a spiritual one or a physical one. In order to succeed we must
put behind us every distraction that would cause us to lose sight of whatever goal we
have put before us. We allow all manner of distraction to enter our minds, especially
when we are going though difficult times. It was more likely than not mental images that
Satan placed in the mind of Jesus as He began preparing for His ministry by going up
into the desert for forty days and nights.

The Beacon Bible Commentary says that Christ was preparing for war, to determine how
He would begin winning others to His cause. He was putting away all the distractions so
that He could concentrate on the mission before Him. He used prayer and fasting to
clear His mind of everything that would detract from the preparation He needed to begin
His ministry.

Satan means ‘adversary’ in its original form. My adversary was that I was simply not
mentally prepared to perform up to my physical capabilities. So, as I thought about how
to improve my performance and from that moment forward I began thinking about
whatever goal I set. I began preparing for it mentally and allowing myself to think of
nothing else. Visualizing what I needed to do to perform well and score high. Christ, is a
sense, was preparing for His ultimate one on one with the forces of darkness. And even
though my meager competition practically disappears in comparison, I found myself
needing to imitate the kind of preparation Christ used in the wilderness to do battle with
Satan. I found myself needing to prepare myself mentally in a much more serious way in
order to succeed.

This should be the goal for each one of us as we step forward in whatever competition,
whether mental or spiritual, that we choose to accept. We need to be prepared mentally
to withstand the force of any and every competitor we must do battle with.
Prepare Mentally
Principle Number One

Prepare:   to make ready beforehand for
     some purpose, use, or activity;
                   to put in a proper state of mind;
    to work out the details;
    to plan in advance

Mentally:  of or relating to the total
  environment and intellectual
  response of an individual to  
  external reality
Luke 4:1-13