Ever wonder why they put blinders on a horse? So that they will not be distracted from their appointed duties by
something they see out of the corner of their eye. And it is that way in life.

You make think that FOCUS and CONCENTRATE are the same, but they are far from it. Focus is putting all your
effort into one central point, whereas concentration is putting aside everything that would distract you from
doing the appointed task. When a bowler steps up on the lane he is readying himself to execute the shot as
best he can. The rules or etiquette of bowling dictates that once the person on either side of you steps up on
the approach you should give him the time to execute the shot before you step up on your lane.

The right kind of concentration should almost eliminate any distractions that would keep you from executing
your best shot. I am continually amazed at the professional bowlers, who during the television matches, seem
to never be distracted by anything that is going on around them, even with spectators sitting the entire length of
the bowling lane. They have learned the art of concentration. They are focused on that one goal; throwing the
best ball possible to achieve the desired results - a strike.

The devil wants to distract us from what should be our desired goal - living the kind of life God would have us to
live. We have to build our concentration level to the point where the only thing we are focusing and
concentrating on is living the best we know how in accordance with God's will for our life.

The children of Israel allowed themselves to get sidetracked from the goal that God had put before them. They
strayed, time and time again. God continually had to bring their goal back into focus so they could once again
concentrate on what He had in mind for them.

That happens to us. We get distracted. Our focus strays from the correct angle. It makes us miss the target
until God is allowed to bring us back into focus with what He wants for our lives. Aside from knowing what it is
we are striving for, these two principles, FOCUS and CONCENTRATE, may be the most important, because if
we are not focused and if we are not concentrating on what it is we are supposed to do it is easy to miss the
mark. God wants only the best for us and it is up to us to provide the means with which we can work. He should
be allowed to mold us into the kind of person that is always focused and concentrating on hitting the target and
meeting the goal before us.

Jesus implored us to not be distracted by the things of this world. He told us to concentrate on the things of the
future, the things that mattered most. When we allow ourselves to do just that, we will find a rewarding and
fulfilling life here on earth as we move toward that ultimate goal of spending eternity with Him.
Principle Number Five

Concentrate: To draw together to a
                  center; to focus:
                  To focus intense mental
                  energy or attention